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January 7, 2006

Your ideas for new legislation?

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch…

In this message

  • Massive mistakes in yesterday’s message are corrected below
  • Will John McCain exploit Abramoff scandal to silence
  • What are your ideas for additional ways we can Downsize DC?

Am I The Missing Link?

I, James Babka, hereby confess that I screwed up the links in yesterday’s message in every possible way, causing many busy DC Downsizers to waste their time. I humbly apologize for my gross incompetence. Here are the correct links . . .

To see the letter from the Congressman who offered to sponsor the “Read the Bills Act,” and learn the details of what happened with that offer, click here.

To learn about our new bill to prevent the bureaucracy from creating its own laws, click here.

To learn why we’re not really bothered by what happened with the potential RTBA sponsor, click here.

Will John McCain use the Abramoff scandal to shut down

I’ll discuss this question tonight when I guest-host Harry Browne’s radio show.

Time: 10 PM Eastern, 9 PM Central, 8 PM Mountain, and 7 PM Pacific.
Where you can listen:
Call-in phone number: 1-800-259-9231

What are your ideas for new Downsize DC legislation?

We now have two Downsize DC bills we are proposing: the “Read the Bills Act” and the “No REGULATION Without Representation Act.” Do you have ideas for other Downsize DC legislation that will constrain and trim Big Government? If so you can share them by listening to the first episode of our new radio show, the “Downsize DC Conference Call,” and then calling-in to share your concept.

Time: 5 PM Eastern, 4 PM Central, 3 PM Mountain, and 2 PM Pacific.
Where you can listen:
Call-in phone number: 1-800-259-9231

More details about the new show are available at our blog (seriously).

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer.

Jim Babka
aka, The Missing Link
Downsize, Inc.

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