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January 19, 2007

We won!

Todaay’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .

We won!

Late last night the Senate voted 55 to 43 to strip the grassroots regulations out of S.1.

This is a major victory for the 1st Amendment, for Downsize DC, for our coalition partners, and for small grassroots groups all across the political spectrum. It is a major victory for YOU!

As little as three days ago this stunning success seemed impossible. So what happened?

We proved a concept. Actually, we proved a couple of concepts.

We proved that mere citizens can change the minds and votes of members of Congress.

The Senate was deluged with phone calls and Internet messages supporting Amendment 20 to S.1. This had a huge impact . . .

Senators got nervous. Senators got enlightenment. Many Senators learned for the first time the true nature of the legislation they were being asked to pass. Senators changed their minds and their votes. And we won!

This is a powerful proof of concept. We do not have to change the people who sit in Congress, or their partisan affiliations. We merely need to rouse citizens to pressure their representatives to change the government’s course. It can work. It has worked. It will work.

With your help, can grow large enough to Downsize DC.

But we also proved another concept. We have been at pains to argue that there is more that unites us than divides us. We have asserted that liberals, conservatives, and libertarians share many common goals and values that we can work together to achieve. Put aside labels, and symbols, and personalities, and partisan tribalism, and much of what we want can be ours for the asking.

This is what happened with Amendment 20 to S.1. was first out of the gate with a campaign against this legislation. Our partners in the Free Speech Coalition took up the cause. And the coalition began to build. First came the conservative organizations, and then came the liberals. And when that happened, the tide turned.

Focus on the Family and the ACLU stood together. The Traditional Values Coalition and Planned Parenthood made common cause. Liberals and conservatives and libertarians united. And our unity won for us what division would have lost.

Many people deserve thanks — so many that we cannot slight anyone by neglecting to mention anyone. We express gratitude to everyone who did anything. And especially to you, our faithful DC Downsizers.

We have won in the Senate. Now we must win in the House and in the Conference Committee. Our work is not done, but we are halfway home. And perhaps more than halfway. Even if we lose in the House, if the Senate holds firm we could achieve final victory in the Conference Committee. The fight continues, but . . .

We now have a powerful proof of concept. So needs to grow larger, faster. We have our first web-ad for the “Read the Bills Act” ready to go, and now that the pressure on S.1 has cooled a bit, we will make our first ad purchase in a matter of days.

BTW, as a result of our coalition work, word about RTBA is starting to spread underground, and the word is good. Our day is coming, and it will come sooner if we advertise!

Please, help us spread the word by making a contribution. This can work. This is the hope for the future. And we need your financial assistance to realize the full potential of that hope. You can start a monthly credit card pledge, or make a one-time donation to our Operation Everywhere advertising by CLICKING HERE.

We can do what you fund. Your contribution is our budget.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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