Values Clarification Quiz
  • Now we begin a conversation about being morally consistent.
  • Try different combinations of answers to the three questions. Each time press Submit. You'll see that we try to lead them to moral consistency.
  • Then we ask them to ACT on behalf of the Zero Aggression Principle. When you're done reviewing the page, click the Link at the end to reach the final step.

Thanks for sending your letter opposing corporate subsidies.
It's been delivered to your Rep and two Senators, and a copy of your letter will arrive in your inbox, shortly.

Your position on corporate subsidies is probably motivated by conservative political values. Do you think it's possible for political stances to conflict with personal values? Try these questions and then look at the chart below...

1. Which imperfect category better describes your personal values generally…

2. Should the opposing political party be able to use their power to impose a different set of values on you?

3. Do you want your political party to use its power to impose your personal values on others?


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