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January 22, 2006

Third Episode of the new Downsize DC Conference Call show

I’m harried, hurried, and under the weather. Found out I’ve got strep throat on Thursday. I’m heading out of town tomorrow on a Downsize DC business trip, including a speech at the San Diego Libertarian Party convention. Packing, wrapping up last minute details, planning team activities for the week while I’m gone – it’s draining. It affected my performance today.

ONLY IF YOU LISTEN TO THIS SHOW CAN YOU FIND OUT ABOUT OUR EXCITING PLAN TO GET RTBA PASSED. I gave the audience a “sneak peak.” It’s coming to the Downsizer-Dispatch very soon – and if you’re a donor, to your snail-mailbox in about 10-12 days. But if you want to hear this amazingly simple, doable strategy that’s the slickest thing since compound interest, click on the “attachment” link at the end of this message to listen to the mp3 archive of the show.

In addition, I talked about the softball of this morning’s Meet the Press, and how the Abramoff scandal, amongst other things, has become a diversion from real issues – sucking out any hope that the Democrats would take a substantive difference from the Republicans on things like the War in Iraq or the Patriot Act. No, they’d rather debate this non-issue – exploit it. BTW, we’re going to begin fighting John McCain’s bill this week.

I also discussed something really stupid – so stupid it cracked me up on the air (the things people waste time on…). The GOA Update was taken from this link.

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