Were the Germans in WW1 the same as the Germans in WW2?

The true history of WW1 refutes every argument made for foreign intervention Retweet We’re reviewing the history of U.S. wars in the run-up to Memorial Day. Our purpose is simple……

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Do you know Teddy Roosevelt’s role in Pearl Harbor & North Korea?

Are we still living with Teddy Roosevelt’s “big stick” approach on this Memorial Day? Retweet  We want to change how people talk on Memorial Day. There should be NO more…

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Do your friends need a history lesson?

Memorial Day is coming, and historical truth is once again in danger Retweet You hear people say it constantly, but especially on Memorial Day and Veterans Day…  U.S. soldiers died for…

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Tell Congress why black parents are fleeing state schools

Members of Congress and many black parents agree that state-funded schools stink Retweet We’ve written a letter to Congress making the following points… PBS reports that the number of black…

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Do you dare call DC politicians murderers?

Killing innocent people is murder, even when the President does it. Retweet Nixon infamously suggested wrong could become right if the President was the person committing the act. By bombing…

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Syrian chemical attack: Don’t let the Deep State manipulate Trump

Syrian chemical attacks? Are the lies told in 2017 being repeated now? Retweet The Military Industrial Complex used alleged chemical attacks by the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, as an excuse…

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Encourage Trump’s plan to remove troops from Syria

The ‘Deep State’ Strikes Back! Tries to stop Trump’s Syria withdrawal. Retweet President Trump has proposed removing troops from Syria. Encourage this wise policy. He needs your support because the…

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Attorneys General seek donor lists of political opponents

What will Attorneys General do with private lists of large donors to groups they hate? Retweet Sometimes we ask you for funds to file an amicus brief. But not always….

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John Bolton would be more like a National INsecurity Advisor

Help Trump reduce enemy creation by rejecting a neocon National Security Advisor Retweet We prefer principles to personalities, but sadly… Personnel is policy  The people a President hires will often exercise…

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A new Downsize DC campaign aims to end the health insurance cartel

Downsize DC seeks people who want to fight the Health Insurance Industrial Complex Retweet Imagine if the law compelled you to buy a company’s most expensive product. Imagine if that law…

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