Could the 64-million sleeping libertarians stop the return of earmarks?

Politicians buy and heed opinion polls because they…

  • Want your support
  • Fear your wrath

But they will also ignore your opinion if they think you’re asleep.

A case in point is the proposed return of earmarks, which allow politicians to direct pork spending to their districts. Roughly 153-million Americans supported the end of earmarks back in 2016. If all those people sent Congress a message opposing earmarks right now, the issue would die instantly. In other words…

You do have power over Congress, if only you will use it.

And it will take you a lot fewer allies to control your rep than to replace him or her. Said differently…

Your pressure-power is greater than your vote-power.

This suggests that you might want to spend slightly less energy on rigged elections, and more energy badgering sitting officeholders. This is especially important for libertarians because they have little representation in Congress. To counter that weakness…

Downsize DC wants to constantly increase the number of libertarian messages Congress receives.

This could be incredibly important because there are roughly 64-million Americans who either self-identify as libertarians or who hold libertarian positions on most issues. Most of these libertarians are asleep, but they could exert great power if they woke up. This is especially true because…

The libertarian view will often be the decisive swing position in any controversy between the Left and the Right.

This is your chance to be a part of the growing libertarian onslaught. Public opinion is on your side when it comes to earmarks, but you must ACT! Plus, your action on this issue will also boost other libertarian messages you send. Make the politicians FEEL the growing libertarian onslaught.

If you agree with the letter we’ve written to Congress please send it, or revise it to suit your needs. – By Perry Willis & Jim Babka. Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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