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8 reasons you should reverse Jeff Sessions` marijuana policy.
Reversing Jeff Sessions` marijuana policy will benefit your administration in multiple ways. #1: Win you favor in the next election. The American people increasingly favor marijuana legalization. #2: You’ve been achieving great things with de-regulation. The Sessions' policy goes in the opposite direction. In fact... #3: It will hurt economic growth. Even the stock market has embraced the marijuana industry. Don’t cause market uncertainty. #4: This policy will also harm your promise to reduce crime. It will reinvigorate the black market and refill our prisons. #5: There are too many laws to enforce. The government should focus and prioritize. Enforcing federal marijuana laws is a distraction. #6: Republicans are supposed to favor federalism. States should make these decisions, per the Tenth Amendment. This policy harms that federalism. #7: You promised during your campaign to respect the decisions made about marijuana in the states. #8: Reversing an underling’s mistake will show the American people that you are both prudent and in charge.
The President


8 reasons President Trump should reverse Jeff Sessions` marijuana policy.

Make Jeff Sessions cry! His marijuana policy is outdated. He’s out of step with public opinion and the laws in 30 states! Tell the President to stand-down on federal marijuana enforcement. #8 might especially interest Mr. Trump. Use the form below!
– By Perry Willis & Jim Babka


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