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February 15, 2006

Read the Bills Action, Part 2

Action Item: Send a message right now urging Congress to pass the “Read the Bills Act.” You can do so here.

309 DC Downsizers participated yesterday, sending 927 messages in support of RTBA to Congress. This brings the total number of RTBA messages sent to date to 27,249. But we can do much better. Here’s how . . .

Subscriptions to this email list rose from 20,862 to 21,008 yesterday. If every subscriber took the 2 to 3 minutes required to register to use the lobbying system, and send an RTBA message, Congress would be bombarded with 63,024 messages in a single day. That would get their attention! You can register and send your message by clicking here.

We need more Dispatch subscribers to register to use the system. Only 104 new people have done so thus far in February — a very low number compared to what we’ve done in this past. This is partly our fault here at Downsize DC HQ, because we’ve been busy getting our media program and the “Invade Congress” program established. So we haven’t been aggressive with recruitment. But we’re changing that this week. Please sign up, and send a message to Congress about the Read the Bills Act. You can do that by clicking here.

Speaking of media, a volunteer from Texas has added another 5 media leads to our growing media database. We now have 52 leads we’re working on. Two new talk show interviews have been scheduled, and we have one more tentatively booked. Our media outreach is starting to accelerate!

To contribue your local leads to our media database click here.

We promise to follow-up on every local media lead you provide us. With your help you can start hearing about Downsize DC and the Read the Bills Act on your local shows.

To learn more about the results of my media interviews be sure to add our Blog to your daily reading list. You can read the blog by clicking here.

Last, but not least, 2 DC Downsizers contributed $81 yesterday toward our modest goal of raising another $4,000 by the end of the month. That leaves $3,919 still to go, or about 18 cents per subscriber to this list. To keep us moving forward make a contribution today, or start a monthly credit card pledge by clicking here.

More action and progress tomorrow. Thank you for being a DC Downsizer!

Jim Babka

President, Inc.

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