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July 2, 2012

Our Predictions about the Obamacare Con-game

Our predictions about the Obamacare con-game

By Perry Willis and Jim Babka, Co-founders, Downsize DC
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Quote of the Day:

“If elections changed anything they would be illegal.”
— Emma Goldman

In this message:

  • Will the election strategy end Obamacare?
  • How the House Republicans could stop Obamacare immediately, and why they won't.
  • How Romney and the Republicans are manipulating voters.
  • How Americans have been conned before, and will be conned again.
  • The real problem we must solve.
  • What the Deny Consent strategy will LOOK like.

Will the Election Strategy end Obamacare?

Did electing Tea Party candidates change things?

You may think so after House Republicans pass a bill to repeal Obamacare. But . . .

It's what they WON'T DO that really matters.

We all know the Senate won't agree to repeal and the President would veto. But here's what you may NOT realize . . .

House Republicans already have the power to stop Obamacare dead in its tracks, even if the Senate and the President disagree. Here's how . . .

House Republicans could attach riders to all 13 appropriations bills, forbidding the use of federal funds to implement Obamacare.

They already do this to prevent federal funding for abortions, so they could do it for Obamacare too.

But they won't, because . . .

Republican politicians want to exploit Obamacare to MANIPULATE YOU.

And their manipulation is working just fine!

Mitt Romney, the original creator of Obamacare, has exploited the Court decision to raise more than $4 million. But will that money get its donors what they want?

Pay close attention to what Romney is saying. He claims he wants to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. But we've seen this con-game before . . .

Please remember what happened with the debt ceiling fight!

Downsize DC said that Republican politicians already had the power to balance the budget instantly! All they had to do was honor the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling was the ultimate balanced budget law! But remember what they did instead . . .

They repealed and replaced the debt ceiling!

The “replace part” was supposed to give you automatic cuts and forward movement on a balanced budget amendment, but here's what you really got . . .


The con worked on the debt ceiling fight, and the con will work with Obamacare too.

All the partisan patsies will hear Romney promise to replace Obamacare with something good and then run to the polls to endorse him.

Which brings us to another part of our strategy shift . . .

The Real Problem is the American people.

We have to be honest. The politicians can only con us if we allow ourselves to be conned. But sadly . . .

The vast majority of Americans have been willing dupes.

This has to change. But how can we cause that change?

Our new strategy will include something no one has ever had before, as far as we know . . .

A system to actually measure how minds change and improve.

We're nearly done with this powerful new software. We plan to show it to you very soon. It will feed into another part of our new strategy . . .

Multiple acts of open rebellion designed to remove the legitimacy of The State, bit by bit.

NORMALLY we would now ask you to PRESSURE the Republicans to prohibit using federal funds to implement Obamacare.

But we know the Republicans won't do this.

They will simply ignore us, because the pressure we can currently apply is simply too small.

So we need something else.

That something else will take the following form . . .

  • Each day, more people will move in your direction
  • Each day, more people will move away from The State
  • Each day, The State will lose legitimacy
  • Each day, you will gain power.

Best of all . . .

You will be able to watch and measure each increment of this process. You will KNOW that you are succeeding.

We will be describing and then showing the multiple tactics that will bring this about, but for now, let us give you an image of how this new approach will work and LOOK . . .

[Cartoon depicting withdrawing consent from politician]

This cartoon shows what it will mean to deny consent.

So what do we need to make this happen? The first steps require at least the funding we had last year — about $289,000.

But so far we're only on track for $231,000. That's a nearly $60,000 shortfall.

And we'd really like to have at least $1 per subscriber per month, which would amount to about $341,000.

The math is simple. Making big changes costs money. If you want to help cause the change you can contribute using our secure online form.

There's also a form you can print out if you want to send a check.

Or you can donate to our foundation if you itemize deductions on your tax return.

Please also remember how easy it is to maintain a monthly pledge. We've given you the power to modify or cancel your pledge at any time, in the Toolbox section of our website.

We hope you agree that the time has come to be in a state of open but peaceful rebellion against the criminals in Washington.

Thank you for your support.

Perry Willis and Jim Babka
Co-founders, Downsize DC


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