Oppose the infrastructure con!

Infrastructure spending is a con. Why do Trump and the Democrats think you need a trillion dollars in new infrastructure spending? Because boths sides want to reward their cronies. Consider…

Gasoline taxes are supposed to pay for roads. Airlines and user fees are supposed to pay for airports. So all the needed maintenance and new construction should be planned out years in advance based on those funding sources, right? That means…

There’s no role for new federal spending or top-down federal management by distant bureaucrats. If our infrastructure is crumbling then its because of gross mismanagement. State bungling and waste should not be rewarded with new federal cash bailouts. Tell Congress and the President NO!

NOTE: The Democrats are currently pretending to oppose Trump’s proposal, but this is merely a negotiating stance to make sure their cronies get a share of the loot. Democrats always want more infrastructure spending.

– By Perry Willis & Jim Babka [Feedback@DownsizeDC.org] – December 27, 2017

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