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March 15, 2006

North Carolina and Cincinnati interviews, Today & Tomorrow

We had four organizational goals this month. One of them was to do more media interviews this month than in any previous month in our nearly two year history as Downsize DC. The previous record was 9, from May, 2005 (last month I did 8 of them).

Well, I’m pleased to announce that I broke the record yesterday! I did the Alex Jones show to tie the record, and then taped an interview, which we’ll let you know about once it’s available on the Internet.

Today and tomorrow, I do two more — to bring the total to 12.

Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Stations: Based on the information we have, the show seems to be on several FM, Clear Channel stations in North Carolina, but we don’t have a list of which ones.
Time: Approximately, we’ve been advised it could be a bit later than…
4:07 PM Eastern
3:07 PM Central
2:07 PM Mountain
1:07 PM Pacific
Length: 20 minutes
Guest: Jim Babka,
Host: Allan Handelman
Show: Rock Talk w/ Allan Handelman
Topic: The Read the Bills Act
Internet: check-out

Date: Thursday, March 15, 2006
Stations: WAIF 88.3-FM Cincinnati, OH
Time: 4:20 PM Eastern
3:20 PM Central
2:20 PM Mountain
1:20 PM Pacific
Length: 30 minutes
Guest: Jim Babka, President,
Host: Roger Yeardley
Show: Curved Air Show
Topic: The Read the Bills Act
Internet: Go to

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