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October 14, 2009

More evidence that your pressure works

Please send Congress another letter demanding that they audit the Federal Reserve.

Your constant pressure can make a difference, as evidenced by this email we just received from DC Downsizer Nick Hasulak . . .

“I’ve used the Educate the Powerful system to send probably over 30 messages to Senator Boxer regarding HR 1207/S604 (the Audit the Fed bill). As recently as August 27th, her response was basically “I’ll keep your opinions in mind”. Finally today, October 8th, I received an email stating that she had signed on as a co-sponsor to S604! It’s extremely gratifying to win this victory even if it is small! Knowing her past record, I know this change is due to nothing but constant pressure from the People. DownsizeDC works!”

The Audit the Fed bill currently has . . .

  • 30 co-sponsors in the Senate (up by 3 since our last report)
  • 301 co-sponsors in the House (up by 11 since our last report)

The Audit the Fed bill already has a substantial majority in the House. Can we achieve the same thing in the Senate? Here’s the letter I sent to my elected representatives to try and make this happen . . .

“Thank you to Representative Giffords and Senator McCain for co-sponsoring the Audit the Fed bill. I hope Senator Kyl will see fit to join them soon.”

Then, send your letter to Congress here.

Perry Willis
Communications Director, Inc.

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