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August 7, 2006

Major media alert

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .

I have some news about radio appearances in Orlando and San Diego on Tuesday. One of them is with a famous host. And yet another interview is scheduled for Wednesday in Ithaca, New York. But before I get to those there’s some other good news, and I want to commend a DC Downsizer.

After Downsize DC President Jim Babka’s appearance on KFI’s John & Ken Show, we recruited 27 new DC Downsizers. Chances are, they’re reading this message. Welcome. Plus, John & Ken liked what they heard and want to have Jim on again. That’s the impact these appearances can have; more visibility and more DC Downsizers. More of everything is the path to ultimate success.

We can get many more of these interviews — and many more DC Downsizers — if current DC Downsizers pave the way. I explained how in the Friday message, titled “Mass Media Magnestism.” You can review it here.

One DC Downsizer who is paving the way is Corey Stern. We’ve mentioned Corey before. He’s purchased a web ad for at Now Corey is getting us media interviews. He got us the John & Ken show, and has landed another interview in Minnesota for August 19. But it doesn’t stop there. He’s also arranged for two other interviews.

Corey Stern is a one-man volunteer media department.

One of these interviews is really big. It was scheduled once, then postponed, but now, thanks to Corey’s persistence, it’s back on again. It actually took several contacts from several people to make this major media appearance happen. More on this below (we’ll need your help AFTER the interview).

Here are the current interviews Corey helped us nail down (both are Tuesday, August 8):

Jim Babka will be on The Pat Campbell Show heard on 540 AM, WFLA, in Orlando, FL.
Internet: Click on Live Stream, registration required.
Subject: The Read the Bills Act
Time: 7:05 AM Eastern, 6:05 AM Central, 5:05 AM Mountain, and 4:05 AM Pacific

Jim Babka will be on The Roger Hedgecock Show on 600 AM, KOGO, in San Diego, CA.
Internet: Click on Listen Live Now (in the banner) and then click on the link that reads, “Click here to Listen LIVE to KOGO.”
Subject: The Read the Bills Act
Time: 7:05 PM Eastern, 6:05 PM Central, 5:05 PM Mountain, and 4:05 PM Pacific

It’s this second interview that has the famous host. Roger Hedgecock is a frequent guest host for Rush Limbaugh. But is also BIG in San Diego, which is a great market for Downsize DC.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get “Read the Bills” discussed on the Limbaugh show? Remember, RTBA is a proposal than transcends conservative and liberal divisions. Getting on the Hedgecock show increases the chance that RTBA might be mentioned by Limbaugh, or by Hedgecock the next time he guest hosts.

And you can help increase the odds. AFTER the Hedgecock show, and we really, really mean AFTER the show, write and tell Roger Hedgecock your thoughts and reflections on Jim’s interview and the Read the Bills Act. Here’s his email address:
roger at rogerhedgecock dot com

Now, we’re as serious as a heart attack here. Please, don’t write until AFTER the interview.

Finally, Jim Babka will also be interviewed Wednesday, August 9 in Ithaca, NY. This interview also came from a DC Downsizer submission. We promised, if you gave us the information we needed here, we’d follow-up. And that’s what we did.

Morning Newswatch on 870 AM, WHCU, in Ithaca, NY. Sorry, no Internet is available. This interview occurs at approximately 8:45 AM.

Thanks to you, we’re upsizing the visibility of Downsize DC!

Perry Willis
Communications Director, Inc.

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