How to legalize marijuana instantly!

HR 1227 is the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act. It removes marijuana from the Controlled Substances Schedule 1 (effectively legalizing it at the federal level) while prohibiting marijuana importation into states where it remains illegal.

This bill represents a huge opportunity, if you will seize it!

Many people must first overcome a crippling misconception – the idea that Congress doesn’t care what their constituents think. Politicians do care. They pay for opinion polls. Your letters to them are free. Both are considered valuable information. But what the politicians care about most is how much you care.

The immigration issue proves this. It’s a case study on how we can legalize marijuana instantly.

Gallup has tracked American views on immigration for decades. Guess what? The anti-immigration view has nearly always been the minority stance. But this minority view dominates public discussion, It’s even influencing Congressional legislation, because…

The anti-immigrant mob is loud, intense, and persistent.

Congress responds to that!

When passion and persistence are missing Congress does its own thing, for its own reasons, just as you would if you were in their position.

But if an assertive minority view like anti-immigration can make the politicians move, then just imagine what a majority position could accomplish.

Marijuana legalization is a majority position.

Somewhere between 61% and 64% of Americans now want to end pot prohibition. That amounts to more than 155-million American adults! And make no mistake — if all those people contacted their elected reps to ask for marijuana legalization…

Pot prohibition would end INSTANTLY!

It wouldn’t take a decade or even a month. The only reason it won’t happen is because most people have crippled themselves with the misconception that Congress won’t respond to their desires.

If 155-million Americans could legalize marijuana instantly, then so could 75-million. Or 35- million. Or 10-million. Or 1-million. A Capitol Hill staffer has told us that a mere 500 letters was enough to get his attention.

500 letters is NOTHING!

And if 500 messages is enough to grab a politician’s attention, then 1,000 would probably be enough to get them to sponsor a bill. Do that in a majority of the districts and you’ll have enough support for a discharge petition. That would force the issue to a vote, no matter what Congressional leaders might prefer, and then the majority would prevail.

Marijuana would be legalized!

But for many people, the thought of sending even one message is too much. They’re too crippled with defeatism and inertia to take even the easiest action. Well…

This is your chance to not be crippled.

We think we can legalize marijuana if we have about 1,000 people per district who are loud, passionate, and persistent, just like the anti-immigration people are. This is your opportunity to be one of the 1,000. It’s really very simple. Do the following…

  • Use the form at the bottom of this page to send your reps a message. You can use our letter or revise it to meet your needs. Check this up-to-date link of HR 1227 sponsors to see if one of your reps has already sponsored one of the existing marijuana legalization bills.
  • Doing this will also subscribe you to our email newsletter. We’ll ask you to send your reps another message. We recommend sending a letter every month until we end marijuana prohibition. Remember, persistence is part of the success equation. You must keep asking until you get what you want.

This page was posted by Perry Willis & Jim Babka on Sunday, June 30, 2018

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