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March 1, 2007

Keeping score

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .

Today begins a new month of creating and building — of AGGRESSIVE ACTION. We’ll start by telling you what we accomplished last month.

* We made budget for the 7th month in a row. Thank you!
* We recruited 416 new DC Downsizers. Thank you!
* We sent 19,206 messages to Congress. Thank you!

These numbers are especially significant because so far, in both January and February, we’ve eclipsed what we did in the same month last year.

We exceeded our results for last February by recruiting 174 more Downsizers, and sending 7,953 more messages to Congress than we did last February.

This is our goal — to do more in every month of 2007 than we did in the corresponding month last year.

So far so good.

But now, the month of March presents a real challenge. Last March we recruited 1,130 new Downsizers, and sent 43,044 messages to Congress. These numbers will be tough to beat, but we’re determined to do it.

The key is the recruitment number. If we can recruit more than 1,130 new Downsizers, then we’re pretty sure that we’ll also beat the “messages to Congress” number.

What if . . .

Each DC Downsizer was to recruit one new Downsizer during the month of March? If that happened then the Downsizer Army would grow to in excess of 30,000 in the space of just 30-days. Of course, we aren’t likely to get that kind of participation, but when we consider the possibility the goal of 1,130 plus 1 seems far more achievable.

Here’s the question to consider. Do you know someone who thinks the federal government is way too big and growing too fast? Do you know people who would support the “Read the Bills Act” if you asked them to do so? If so, send them an email asking them to send a message to Congress about RTBA.

Do it today, so we can get a good jump on our March goals. Here’s an example of an email you could send to your friends (feel free to copy it or change it to suit your needs) . . .


I’m tired of Congress passing laws that I have to obey, but which they haven’t even read. Ignorance of the law is no excuse for me, but it’s a way of life for Congress.

Just recently Senator Feinstein of California stood up in the Senate and complained because a bill she voted for contained a provision she hadn’t known about. She didn’t know about it, because she didn’t read the bill before she passed it into law.

And Senator Kyl of Arizona was recently caught claiming in public that a bill he voted for contained Constitutional protections that it did not in fact contain. He gave bad information and misled the public because he probably didn’t read the bill before he voted on it.

Congress passes thousands of pages of new laws every year, without reading them. These bills are full of items inserted by bureaucrats and lobbyists — things that would never pass if our elected representatives read the bills in advance, and actually knew what was in them.

Imagine if you treated your tax returns the way Congress handles the laws it creates. You’d go to jail.

I want to ask you for a favor. Help me. Help me fight this Congressional irresponsibility. What I’m doing is incredibly easy. You could do it too, and make my work far more effective. All it will take from you is a few strokes of your keyboard and a few mouse clicks.

I think you’ll enjoy the process. You’ll also have influence over Congress that you don’t have right now.

You elect people to Congress, but they never do what they say they’re going to do. But I, by contrast, have already had the experience of changing votes in both the House and Senate, with my easy little key strokes and mouse clicks.

You can have this power too, in a matter of minutes. And you could really make my day if you write back to me to tell me you’ve done what I’m about to suggest.

Go here and read about the “Read the Bills Act.” Then click on the link and fill out the form to send a message to Congress asking them to pass the “Read the Bills Act.” It will only take a couple of minutes.


That’s it. Copy and paste the message above to your friends, or write one of your own. Let’s get our numbers moving upward as fast as possible. Let’s take AGGRESSIVE ACTION to expand the Downsize DC Army.

And if you haven’t yet sent a message to Congress about the “Read the Bills Act,” please do so here.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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