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October 18, 2009

How They Responded

Thanks to everyone who forwarded their Congressional replies to our three questions in the Mexican Civil War campaign. As you may recall, the questions were:

You’ve sworn an oath to protect the Constitution, so could you please answer three questions. 1. Where does the Constitution authorize the federal government to wage a War on Drugs? 2. If alcohol prohibition required a Constitutional Amendment, how does prohibiting other drugs NOT require a Constitutional Amendment? 3. Shouldn’t we be allowed to learn what works best by having states with different drug laws, or NO drug laws, in keeping with the 10th Amendment? I would appreciate an honest, thoughtful response.

Regrettably, no response we’ve received actually answered our questions. Most members ignored the Constitutional question and trumpeted their support for the Drug War.

For instance, Sen. Lieberman wrote to Connecticut Downsizers, “I regret that we see this issue from different points of view.” He then detailed his support for various aspects of the Drug War.

But the question isn’t whether the War on Drugs is good policy, the question is where does the Constitution authorize it.

Sen. Kohl danced around the Constitution. He wrote,

Our founding fathers left the Constitution open for interpretation, and knew that there was still more to be outlined when it was ratified in 1787. Amendments and interpretations of the Constitution are taken very seriously by government officials in all three branches of government.

Yes, but Senator, what is YOUR interpretation?

If members of Congress can’t justify their actions on Constitutional grounds, they are essentially advocating tyranny and lawlessness. That’s why we will keep pressing. If friends of liberty and the Constitution provide growing, relentless, resistance-numbing pressure, Congress will bend in our direction.

We will pursue this issue by demanding Congress pass the Enumerated Powers Act (EPA). You can send a letter telling Congress of your support for the EPA here.

And, if you do receive a response from your representative or senator about the Constitutionality of the Drug War, we’d like to hear about it in the comments section below.

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