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February 17, 2006

Good news!

Ed Brayton at “Dispatches from the Culture War” on, a very highly read blog, has written a very favorable post about the “Read the Bills Act.” Check it out.

Downsizer Lance Brown has had his RTBA letter published by “The Union” in Grass Valley, CA. He informs us that if a lot of people visit the web page where it is posted it could reach a larger audience by being “the most read opinion article.” (Unfortunately, a link to this letter is no longer available, as of 16 December 2011.) continues to grow. 37 new people registered to use our electronic lobbying system for the first time yesterday. And the drive to pass the “Read the Bills Act” continues. 445 Downsizers sent 1,335 messages to Congress yesterday in support of RTBA. But there are still 10,326 subscribers to this email list who have not done so. If they all did so today Congress would be bombarded with 30,978 additional RTBA messages. To send a message in support of RTBA click on this link.

Three DC Downsizers contributed $39 toward our month-end goal of $4,000. Thank you to Blake E. Robberts and Daniel E. Marcy. Special thanks to Allan K. Lasley for starting a new monthly pledge. The remaining amount to raise is $3,870, about 19 cents per subscriber to this list. If you want to contribute or start a monthly pledge click on this link.


I will be a guest on Free Talk Live on Saturday Night – now heard on more than 10 stations. I’ll be on during the 7 PM hour (Eastern time), discussing the Read the Bills Act. To learn where the show airs, or to listen live online, visit here.


I will be interviewing Michele Kubby on Harry Browne’s radio show tomorrow night. We will be discussing the recent imprisonment of her husband, Steve Kubby, on marijuana charges relating to his long term illness.

You can participate in the conversation at 1-800-259-9231. For details on how to listen to the radio shows, we recommend you go to The show can be heard live at…

Eastern: 10pm – Midnight,
Central: 9pm – 11pm,
Mountain: 8pm – 10pm,
Pacific: 7pm – 9pm,
Alaska: 6pm – 8pm,
Hawaii: 5pm – 7pm


On Sunday, during The Downsize DC Conference Call, I will interview Bob Schubring, producer of the documentary “High,” in which I appear! We will talk about the documentary and Bob’s recent experience promoting the “Read the Bills Act” to a progressive candidate’s forum. He has a very encouraging story to tell! You can listen to the show at… (click on Listen Live)

The show is live…

Eastern: 5pm – 6pm,
Central: 4pm – 5pm,
Mountain: 3pm – 4pm,
Pacific: 2pm – 3pm,
Alaska: 1pm – 2pm,
Hawaii: Noon – 1pm

That’s all for today. Thank you for being a DC Downsizer!

Jim Babka,
President,, Inc.

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