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August 11, 2006

Free Talk vs. The White House

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .

We have a short, simple action item for today. One of our strategic partners, “Free Talk Live,” is going toe-to-toe in a contest with the White House. Here’s the message we receieved from “Free Talk Live” host Ian Bernard . . .

Downsizers have an opportunity to defeat the White House! The voting has begun in the Podcast Awards for 2006, and “Free Talk Live” has been nominated for Best Political Show. So has George W. Bush’s podcast! Downsizers wanting to vote for Liberty and Downsize DC should go here.

Scroll down to the Political category third from the bottom on the right, and vote for “Free Talk Live”! The voting window ends TODAY, August 11th!

Also, the regular monthly voting at Podcast Alley has reset, and we need your once-per-month votes here.

Both of these votes directly spread the message of Downsize DC!

Thanks for your help,
Ian Bernard
Host, “Free Talk Live”

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