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February 12, 2006

February 12 Radio Show

A caller opened the show – Randy had never heard of but said he was going to check it out right away. He wanted to know how to overcome discouragement about all the things government was doing to us. How did I answer him? Well, if you’re still unsure, you’ll want to listen to the archive — the attachment to this blog entry (see below).

We also did our first MPP Update for the Marijuana Policy Project. MPP is joining us as an official sponsor in March. They are launching a campaign that could, if successful, be the biggest step forward for the marijuana legalization movement. And their odds of success are quite good. You can learn more by listening to the mp3 that is attached (below). Another caller was concerned about one of MPP’s selling points for their Nevada campaign — taxing and regulating marijuana. Rob Kampia, the Executive Director of MPP will be on a future show, and I encouraged Jay to call back and ask Rob his question directly.

Wiretapping. My source articles for this segment were The FISA Farce by James Bovard and Spying on Martin Luther King by John W. Whitehead. But the main point I made on air was this — Gonzalez, Cheney, and Republican apologists are lying about how “cumbersome” the Foreign Intelligence Survelliance Act is.

Today’s GOA Update for Gun Owners of America focused on John McCain’s latest bill to repress grassroots activity to lobby Congress. Here’s the report I used for the GOA Update and here’s their Congressional action link. Of course, we also have a campaign to address John McCain’s bill – “Don’t Let Congress Hide From You,” at Amazing how GOA and Downsize DC are nearly always on the same page!

Finally, I hightlighted our new plan to get 1,000 DC Downsizers (and likely more) in Washington, invading Congress and participating in the No Legislation Without Representation Conference. It’s simple and doable. It should be very effective.

It was GREAT being back on the air live after missing the last two weeks.

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