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January 7, 2006

Downsize DC’s Big Show

Genesis Communications has confirmed that we’re all set to launch the new radio show this Sunday!

This will be kind of a rolling launch, if you will. How’s that?

Well, this show is going to be called the “Downsize DC Conference Call” so we’re going to be putting up a new page on the website for the show. It will have some features that will really make the show interactive when it’s live as well as convenient to access in either archive or podcast format. Those things aren’t ready yet. But they’re in development and will be ready soon.

But to start with, you’ll be able to call 1-800-259-9231 or email Call at (written that way to stop the roving spammers from picking it off the page) and participate in the show.

This show is about how to Downsize DC, why to Downsize DC, and the DC Downsizers themselves. I’d love to field your questions! I want to talk with you.

And soon, I want to open up the conversation so that listeners can talk with each other. Each week, we can have our own “conference call.”

Now, it’s best to write or call _early_ in the hour. I only check for emails on commercial breaks. And, as the show progresses, there are points to be made or finished and just like in a sporting event, the last minutes become the most crucial minutes. Besides, if you’re listening on the Internet, the show is on a roughly 3 1/2 minute delay (I’m usually able to listen to most of my final segment while it’s “live streaming”).

The one hour program broadcasts live from 5:06 PM Eastern (4:06 PM Central, 3:06 PM Mountain, and 2:06 PM Pacific) and you can hear it at – just click on “Listen Live.” You can also hear it on WKLP – 1390 AM Keyser, West Virginia and KLID – 1340 AM in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

This show is made possible by Gun Owners of America – the only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington and the monthly pledgers of To become a monthly pledger, please click here.

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