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August 21, 2006

Downsize DC Conference Call – August 20, 2006

In today’s episode we addressed the question, “Are we scaring ourselves to death with overblown airport security and overreaction to alleged terrorist threats?” The verdict probably won’t surprise you.

This show is highly informative. In fact, as usual, I was guilty of feeding the audience with a fire hose. But the information’s here and it makes a compelling case. If nothing else, you’ll want to hear the Dr. Phil insight about our foreign policy.

As promised, Keith Olbermann does a stunning job of laying out a five year history of Bush administration Terror Alerts that came at moments when the administration may have wanted to change the subject. I promised I would include the links to watch for yourself, rather than have me rehearse the whole thing. So I encourage you to check out this link for yourself, provided courtesy of

Jim Babka|2006-08-22 14:20:00-04|Pressure Congress, Help Wanted, and Media Appearance|Pressure Congress, Help Wanted, and Media Appearance|”Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch…
In this message

* It’s fun to pressure Congress
* HELP WANTED: Graphic Designer Needed
* National Media Appearance tonight

Delegate Parties

We’re making it easy to deliver the necessary overwhelming, mind-numbing, and unrelenting pressure we’ll need to get the Read the Bills Act sponsored, co-sponsored, voted on, and eventually passed.

How easy?

Well, we’re using the Internet. We’re making it quick and simple to stay informed. And easy to do something — just some keystrokes and a couple mouse-clicks.

And we’re beginning to meet locally, preparing for our Congressional Invasion — our national media event we’re calling the No Legislation Without Representation Conference. These local groups, with their meetings facilitated through the tool of, are helping us to gather the mere 5 people per Congressional district that we’ll need to make this conference and invasion a smashing success.

These “delegate parties” are fun. They’re light and social. And we want to encourage you to join one. There are groups in Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin. To join a group in your area click here.

In fact, let me take a moment to applaud these groups and tell you how they’re doing!

1. The Fresno Read The Bills Act Meetup Group has 6 Members
2. Cuyahoga Falls Read the Bills Act Delegate’s Party has 5 Members
3. The Columbine Read The Bills Act Meetup Group has 5 Members
4. Houston’s “Read The Law Or Shove It” MeetUp has 4 Members
5. The Sierra Vista Read The Bills Act Meetup Group has 3 Members
6. Wisconsin’s “Fifth” Read the Bills Act Meetup Group has 3 Members
7. Jackson (MS District 3) Read The Bills Act Meetup Group has 2 Members
8. Southwestern Utah Supports the Read the Bills Act! has 1 Member
9. The Oakland County Read The Bills Act Meetup Group has 1 Member

That’s 30 members in nine groups. On top of that, we have 24 “orphans” — people interested in joining a group, if one got started in their area. You can learn all about these existing parties by clicking here.

How do these gatherings work? How much fun are they? Well, if you’re going to be in the northeast Ohio area, let me invite you to the one I’ll be attending this Sunday night (immediately following my radio show). It’s a cookout and you can find the details and RSVP here.

Better yet, we want to encourage you to start a local group. Most areas still need one. You could be the first to organize a group in your state! Click here.

If you’re new and just curious what these Delegate Parties, the No Legislation Without Representation Conference, and the Congressional Invasion are all about, then click on this link.

Help Wanted

Downsize DC is looking for a Graphic Designer with a strong artistic and creative bent for both print and web-related work. Layout and design are important skills. But what we’re really missing is someone who can create eye-catching, professional images.

This is a paid position. However, we’re on a budget, so we’re looking for someone who will take part of their compensation in the satisfaction of knowing they’re helping Downsize DC. Preference will be given to candidates who are donors and proven, enthusiastic supporters of our mission.

We anticipate the work will involve about five hours per month. It is very helpful if you can tell us what you will charge for your services. If samples of your work are available online, we’d like to see that. However, due to virus concerns, please do not send attachments in your initial message, but rather, offer them available for request.

If you’re interested, send a message to


I will be a guest tonight (Tuesday, August 22) on Free Talk Live sometime after 7 PM Eastern (6 PM Central, 5 PM Mountain, and 4 PM Pacific). The show broadcasts in several markets and on the Net. To learn if the show airs on an Affiliate near you, or to Listen live — or even later in their popular Podcast — goto

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Foundation
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