Thursday, August 13, 2020
One Subject at a Time Act

One Subject at a Time Act

Pass Downsize DC’s “One Subject at a Time Act” (OSTA)

Be an Agenda Setter. Push Congress to pass Downsize DC’s “One Subject at a Time Act” (OSTA) by taking the action below…

One Subject at a Time Act

OSTA (HR. 2240) will prohibit…

  • Congress from clustering unrelated legislation into one package.
  • Courts from enforcing laws passed in violation of the one-subject requirement.

This means…

  • Congressional leaders will no longer be able to use popular measures to pass bad proposals.
  • Bills will become shorter and easier to read.
  • Cancerous government growth will slow.

300 people in your district will visit your local congressional offices in groups of 3, 5, or 6. We call these people Agenda Setters. There will be similar groups in every district. Each additional sponsor they recruit will improve our chance to pass the bill. Having a majority of sponsors will allow us to compel passage. As you consider being one of the 300 Agenda Setters in your district, please know that…

  • The visits won’t start until we have your local 300 committed.
  • You won’t go alone.
  • You can choose a convenient day.
  • You won’t have to be the group’s spokesperson, unless you want to be.

Keep the box checked if you want to be one of the 300 Agenda Setters. Then send a letter to Congress. This will allow us to send you email progress reports.