One Subject at a Time Act

One Subject at a Time Act

Don’t let Congressional leaders combine unrelated bills.

One Subject at a Time Act

OSTA (the One Subject at a Time Act) has already been introduced in both the House and Senate. The bill numbers are H.R. 2240 and S. 3845.

OSTA will prohibit congressional leaders from clustering up unrelated proposals into a single bill. They will no longer be able to pass bad, loser proposals on the back of popular proposals. Bills will become shorter and easier to read. And government growth will slow – this is a Downsize DC idea, after all.

Will it actually work? Courts will be prohibited from enforcing laws passed in violation of the one-subject requirement. And here’s how we’ll pass OSTA…

Direct, in-person requests by 300 constituents – visiting local congressional offices in constant waves of 3, 5, or 6 – should lead your representative to sponsor this bill. Similar groups of 300 will be at work in every congressional district.

  • No local meetings will be scheduled until all 300 people are committed.
  • You can go at a time convenient to you.
  • You won’t have to speak much unless you want to.
  • When we have a majority of congressional sponsors the bill will pass and the world will change.

Set the agenda for Congress. Become an Agenda Setter. Join The 300 by filling out this form…