End Judicial Findings

End Judicial Findings

What if you were acquitted but they imprisoned you anyway?

This injustice affects thousands. Our plan will fix it…

Five Ways the Feds Foster Mass Incarceration

Judges are sentencing people for crimes of which they were acquitted or not even charged.

It’s hard to believe this happens! After all, “innocent until proven guilty” is supposed to be the standard. S. 2566 will outlaw this practice. You can learn more about this practice and the bill that solves it HERE and HERE.

Direct, in-person requests by 300 constituents – visiting local congressional offices in constant waves of 3, 5, or 6 – should lead your representative to sponsor this bill. Similar groups of 300 will be at work in every congressional district.

  • No local meetings will be scheduled until all 300 people are committed.
  • You can go at a time convenient to you.
  • You won’t have to speak much unless you want to.
  • When we have a majority of congressional sponsors the bill will pass and the world will change.

Set the agenda for Congress. Become an Agenda Setter. Join The 300 by filling out this form…