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Did U.S. politicians support the more evil side in World War One?

How the U.S. could’ve ended World War 1 much earlier without firing a shot

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Did Teddy Roosevelt co-found the Empire of Japan?

Learn the history they don’t teach in statist schools

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Were early U.S. wars good or bad?

Did they defend freedom, or were they wars of conquest?

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Are you being shut-out and excluded?

Are you being shut-out from the new Downsizer-Dispatch? TIP: Everyone that OPENS this message will likely get it only ONCE. At Downsize DC, we’ve implemented new technology. Doing something the…

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How and why politicians exploit Veterans Day

Those who fail to learn from history end up harming veterans

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End U.S. involvement in Yemen’s Civil War

Downsize DC has joined 64 other organizations in asking Congress to end U.S. involvement in Yemen’s civil war. We have signed a coalition letter in support of House Concurrent Resolution 81,…

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Another Supreme Court success!!

With another potential victory just around the corner Help us protect your vehicles from warrantless searches. Retweet Our amicus briefs to the Supreme Court have changed the world. Our lawyers…

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Wherein we Thank and then Spank Donald Trump

Trump’s done something good, he’s done something bad You can now tell the President what you think at Downsize DC Retweet Today marks the return of the Downsizer-Dispatch! The Downsizer-Dispatch…

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Be sure to open TOMORROW’s message

The Downsizer-Dispatch is back, tomorrow! Retweet That means we’re going to turn up the intensity. We’re going to be delivering more Actions to you more often. Your point-n-click, bathrobe activism…

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